Synchronisation problems when UpdateTimesheet is not working.

Aug 29, 2007 at 9:14 AM

after Updating toTFS Timesheet 3.0 we had problems with the UpdateTimesheet service. It did not work for about an hour. During this time users kept updating their work items, including the completed work fields. After UpdateTimesheet started working again, I found that Timesheets and TFS database "work item completed work" were out of sync. Is there a way to force synchronisation?

Why does the timesheet database keep its own record of completed work (dbo.WorkItemTotals)? I assume, timesheet wants to keep track of the total completed work on a per user bases, i.e. assuming there are several users completing work for one single work item assigned to one single user?
My guess would be, this will be a constant source of problems every time a WorkItemChanged event is not properly processed? Any idea how to avoid or correct those problems?

Besides I am not really happy with the fact, that changes to completed work are assigned to the TFS user changing the work item and not the user the work item is assigned to. When I set up a new TFS project I created several work items there was already work completed on. All the completed work from those work items ended up in my timesheet and not in the timesheets of the users the work items were assigned to. Is there a plan or a possibility to implement some kind of switch, to have the completed work end up with the user the work is assigned to?

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